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Julia Schoenwandt Wedge


Julia has been teaching dance and movement choreography in studio and public-school settings in the Sacramento, California area for over twenty years. As a dance educator and professional choreographer, she is committed to bringing quality dance instruction and artistic vision to students of every age, level, ability, ethnicity, or socio-economic situation. One of Ms. Wedge's most ardent points of advocacy is the belief that each student is an individual on their own learning trajectory; not every student learns the same nor has the same life circumstance. This forms the basis for her pedagogical approach to dance education, as she modifies curriculum to fit each individual and their environment. This cannot always bear an equitable outcome, but it most importantly ensures and equitable opportunity to begin the process as a dancer and citizen.


She is owner and Director of the MuVment Studio where she specializes in fusion technique with an emphasis in acrobatic arts. She is a certified Acrobatic Arts instructor (AAC) and can proficiently lead dance classes in the areas of classic, cultural, and urban styles of movement such as Ballet, Jazz, Theatre, Afro-Caribbean, Modern and Hip-Hop. Currently she holds an Associates of Arts Degree in Business, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration. Currently, Julia is pursuing completion of her Master of Arts degree in Dance Education from the University of North Carolina Greensborough with the aim of obtaining a position within a college dance department in order to share her skills, knowledge and passion both for dance as well as helping honor and shape the lives of our next generation of movers.

Jake Fritz 

Assistant Director, Choreographer/ Instructor 

Mr.Jake has been teaching others to dance for 10 years, assisting as a senior instructor to high school students, coaching recreational and competitive dance teams, and providing studio instruction in the Northern California area. 

Mr. Jake favorite style is Contemporary, and grew to love it and develop his own unique take on it through working the CORE Contemporary Dance Company for 5 years 

Mr. Jake hopes his classes will provide students with new and innovative ways to move their bodies and inspire their own artists 

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