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Questions and Answers 

Question #1
I just purchased a Groupon, what should I do next?

Answer #1
You should call (916)-903-7744 or  email us at 
schedule your groupon class

Question #2
What do I wear to class? 

Answer #2
If you're coming for a trial class, just wear something you feel comfortable moving around in.
Check out Shop MVT for guidance on dance clothes.

Question #3
How can myself or my dancer perform in a show?

Answer #3
We have several dance workshops throughout the year that incorporate dance choreography, followed with stage performance. Some of these events include:

  • Halloween Spooktacular

  • Nutcracker Reimagined

  • Spring Showcase

Question #4
How is The MuVment Studio protecting dancers against COVID-19?


Answer #4 
Check out our Covid-19 pages for a full description of how we are staying protected against Covid-19

Question #5
What age do you have to be to dance at The MuVment studio?

Answer #5 
At The MuVment Studio we welcome everyone, no matter age or skill level.

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